Climate health strategies and adaptation plans for Indian Cities

CHARISMA is a co-creation project with the mission to support Indian local and regional authorities in the development of no-regret climate health strategies and adaptation plans to address problems related to extreme heat stress and climate change sensitive vector-borne diseases in (peri)urban environments.

Charisma project video by Filmroutes

Charisma Climate Health Information System

Charisma Information Platform launched

Charisma Information Platform

Climate Adaptation Services and Tools

Urban climate adaption in CHARISMA is based on co-creation and a data-driven approach.

Creation of a Climate Health Service for India

CHARISMA Climate Health Information System

Training and Capacity Building

Guwahati Kamakhya

Demonstration and Pilot cities

Charisma has selected its first two demonstration cities for strategic climate-health adaptation planning.

 Lucknow Guwahati 

Charisma also chose 51 pilot cities for strategic climate change planning. 

Pilot cities

Charisma's demonstration and pilot cities

Climate & Health

Due to climate change, 160 million to 200 million people in India could be exposed to heat waves exceeding survival thresholds over the next 10 years.

Climate change also has a direct effect on vector-borne diseases as the development period of the insects’ life cycle is influenced by climatic conditions. 

Climate change and urban heat islands

Extreme heat risks

Vector-borne disease

Climate and Health


Charisma presents its project film: Heat waves, Cool ways


Charisma Information Platform launched

Intense one-week visit to India in October 2021

Charisma presented to local experts in a series of virtual meetings

Charisma presented to Commissioner of Lucknow Ranjan Kumar